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Hawaii Business

Our Water World

We all know it: Water is life. With California’s drought in the headlines, climate change looming and some troubling local numbers – base stream flow, rainfall and aquifer levels are all down on Oa…...

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Hawaii Business

Facing Future

“There was always something else. When pineapple closed, the resorts were there. When the ranch closed, Monsanto was still there. There was always an answer. We don’t have the answer now.” —Kimberl…...

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Hawaii Business

Boomers Changed the World. Now, It’s Millennials’ Turn

In the 24/7 global marketplace, where the game changes overnight and social media amplifies your message and your mistakes, here come the Millennials, the generation raised to thrive in this world.…...

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Hawaii Business

Hawaii: Global Headquarters Of The Future

Who knew that Hawaii's Center for Futures Studies produces some of the world's prominent futurists?

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Hawaii Business

Strike a Pose: Intro to Yoga

HB Life’s guide to yoga styles Lady Gaga does it, as do the New York Giants and busy business executives in Hawaii. Yoga, once considered an “alternative” practice, has gone mainstream as people re…...

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Hawaii Business

Doing Business Island Style, 2014 Remix

Remember 2004?  That year, a BlackBerry was the height of executive cool, while the first iPhone was still three years away. Facebook was being coded in a Harvard dorm room, and MySpace ruled the e…...

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Hawaii Business


  A reliable cell phone signal is still hard to find in the sleepy town of Kaunakakai, but the robots have arrived.   Kim Svetin’s family owns Molokai Drugs, the island’s only drugstore. Behin…...

Hawaii Business

Returning Home to Hawaii After Years Abroad

OK, so you grew up in Hawaii. You know your spam musubi and hula kahiko. Then you moved away – for education, for work, to prove yourself. You’re having a great time. You visit often, but never sta…...

Hawaii Business

Taking Risks: Aloha Edition

“Have I got enough rope to hang myself with here?”  Venture capitalist Timothy Dick jokes about the length of the microphone cord as he stands in front of 100 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be …...