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The First Hawaiians: Hawaii's Native Plant Revival

They came by air and by sea: seeds and spores that sailed on the ocean currents, drifted high in the atmosphere, and hitched rides with migratory birds. Once every 100,000 years, a new plant made a lucky landfall and established itself in the young, isolated Hawaiian Islands. And then, often, it evolved.

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Should Honolulu’s Recycling Program Go Up in Flames?

Experts weigh in: Maybe Honolulu should be recycling less.

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Honolulu in 1888: The City that Made the Magazine

We delved into primary sources to bring you life as it was lived in Honolulu Magazine's first year of publication.

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From the Mountain to the Sea: Saving the Heeia Ahupuaa

Today, three Native Hawaiian-led organizations and thousands of volunteers are at the forefront of efforts to restore an ahupuaa neighboring Kaneohe to its ancient functions—with lessons for the future....

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Bugs in the System

The next time you have maple syrup with your pancakes, thank the Bishop Museum's world-class entomology collection. Here's why.

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Three Great Honolulu Salads to Cleanse Your Palate for the New Year

Get a fresh start to the year with these unexpected local salads....

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Art to Art: Anatomy of a Merger

Two of Honolulu’s largest art museums are merging. Here’s what it means for local art lovers....

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Honolulu Academy of Arts Reborn with New Name

Born Again: A merged Honolulu Academy of Arts sheds its maiden name....

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Rising Artists in Hawaii

There’s more to Hawaii’s contemporary art than ocean scenes and hula dancers. Check out these eight delectably collectible artists whose careers are gathering speed....

First Look: Japanese Restaurant Rijō Opens in Downtown Honolulu

Finally, a new restaurant at the old Palomino spot....

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Eat Local Comfort Food in a Historic Setting

Rising star chef Mark Noguchi opens a museum cafe that marries comfort food with traditional foodways.