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Punahou School: Peer-to-Peer Potential

By Lavonne Leong '93. “If a young person sees [a culture of empathy] early on, I think developmentally it becomes part of their fabric. Those threads start ......

Punahou School: Honoring Winne: The History

Jan 13, 2015 ... By Lavonne Leong '93. The Mary Persis Winne Elementary Units, built between 1950 and 1955, and designed by the renowned architect ......

Punahou School: Empowering Educators

By Lavonne Leong '93. “It's a cockroach! No, a lobster! A mo'o? A mo'o!" On the Tuesday after Carnival the entire Punahou faculty comes together on campus for  ......

Punahou School: Puns in Print

... William Carney '66, Dan Chun '69, Karen Elizaga '88, David Eyre '64, William Grant '64, Kaui Hart Hemmings '94, Lavonne Leong '93, Letitia Moffitt '86, Karl ......

Punahou School: On The Map

By Lavonne Leong '93. Any school with a history as long as Punahou's has some great stories to tell. This feature explores the 175-year evolution of the campus ......